Client:  Falcon Broadband                               Agency: Sandia

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Enjoy An Amazing Spectrum of Services
With Falcon Broadband Fiber Optics.

Luminaries Agree.
Fiber Optics Outshine

   There are a lot of reasons to love optical fiber—cost, quality, service, selection—but one of the best is its unlimited capacity to entertain.
   With fiber optics you get bandwidth to beat the band.
   Which means you can add content from now into the future—without ever having to upgrade lines.
   Premium channels? HD? Movies? Internet?
   Falcon Broadband delivers them all—in quantities no ordinary cable can touch—there’s no better time to switch.

Turn on the light.
Turn on to Falcon Broadband.

Our Signal Travels At 186,000,000 Miles Per Second.
Our Service Is Only Slightly Slower. 

   Optical services are not only fast, they’re remarkably reliable.
   But in the unlikely event something ever goes wrong, you’ll quickly discover we work overtime to eliminate downtime.
   Our secret for success?
   Local technicians and local customer service, coupled with a passion to be the absolute best in the business.
   If you’re searching for a smarter, more dependable cable system, look closer to home.

Falcon Broadband.
Everything about us shines.

Get A Bundle, Save A Bundle. 

   Want to wrap up big savings on your monthly bill?
   Ask about our bundled service packages!
   By carrying two or more of our high-speed optical services (phone, internet, or TV) you can save serious money year round.
   Get more from your investment.
   Get Falcon Broadband, where the more you use the more you save.

Falcon Broadband.
One Line, One Cost, One Bill.

Voice, Video & Data.

   Delivered Fresh To Your Door In 0.0668 Seconds or Less.

   Want clearer phone service?
   Sharper video?
   Internet access that moves at the speed of light?
   Then get online with Falcon Broadband. The integrated service provider that brings the brilliance of optical communications directly to your door.
   With Falcon Broadband you get everything you want—HD TV, Premium Channels, Voice Packages, and High-Speed Internet access—plus advanced network capabilities from Hitachi that put you years ahead of the game.
   Tired of wired?
   Opt for optical.
   Only from Falcon Broadband.

Falcon Broadband.
Unlimited capacity. Unrivalled reliability. Unequalled quality.

Fiber Optics For The Same Price As Cable?
How Illuminating!

   That’s right.
   Now you can enjoy fiber optics for the same price as cable.
   Which means instead of the tired old service you’re currently living with, you can get brighter signals, bigger bandwidths, and better content value.
   All without spending a nickel more than you already do.
   See the light.
   Get more for your money with optical communications.

Falcon Broadband.
If You’re Looking For Value, We’re On The Same Wavelength..."Amazing Spectrum" Tri-fold Brochure (click to view)

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