Agency:  Sandia                           Client:  Unified Catholic Schools
                                                                 of the Pikes Peak Region

Brand Identity Ads:

“Pre-Enrollment/Open House” Print Ad:

Some Schools Make A Show Of Academics.
Here, We’re Religious About It.

   What makes Catholic schools such an uncommon educational value?
   See for yourself during our pre-enrollment Open Houses.

   With low student-to-teacher ratios, high performance standards, and affordable tuition, Catholic schools offer a learning environment that’s both intellectually-satisfying and spiritually-rewarding
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Discover the possibilities. Discover Catholic Schools. Attend an open house.
Fully Accredited Schools • Certified Teachers • High Academic Performance

“Better School System” Print Ad:

Looking For A Better School System?
Your Prayers Have Been Answered.

   Call today for enrollment information.
   Preschool and Elementary classes begin August 22nd. High school classes start August 14th
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Holy Apostles Preschool • Ave Maria (Parker) • Corpus Christi • Divine Redeemer
Pauline Memorial • St. Peter’s (Monument) • St. Mary’s High School


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